Why Anthroposophy Is Cult-Like

By Dan Dugan

February 9, 1999

Posted to waldorf-critics On 2/9/99 by Dan Dugan…

Cult-like characteristics of Anthroposophy include:

* It clings to rejected knowledge.
(The heart is not a pump, etc.)

* It requires teachers to commit to the world-view for advancement in status.
(college of teachers)

* Its core doctrines are not published.
(First Class)

* It is exclusive.
(Only Anthroposophical knowledge of man leads to right education)

* It guards revelation of “difficult” knowledge.
(Prospective parents won’t be told about the role of Lucifer)

* It is a closed system.
(Almost all publications referenced are from Anthroposophical presses and periodicals, all writers refer to Steiner)

* It uses Jargon that redefines common terms.
(Child development)

* It maintains separation from the world by generating fear and loathing.
(Denigrating public schools, “us vs them” attitude, paranoia)

* It suppresses critical dialogue, resulting in elaboration but no development of theory.
(Consensus government, “like it or leave,” Shunning)

-Dan Dugan