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A free-speech public forum operated by PLANS, Inc., as an information resource for anyone interested in Waldorf education who wants to hear views from outside the cult of Rudolf Steiner. Subscription is open to the public, and postings are not reviewed in advance. Not for the overly sensitive.

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Typical contents include: The Waldorf curriculum. The role of Anthroposophy in Waldorf. Real science and medicine vs. Anthroposophical quack science and medicine. Sharing of Waldorf horror stories. Anthroposophists “defending the faith” against PLANS philosophy warriors. News and articles about Waldorf controversies worldwide.

There are two main rules:

  1. No ad hominem arguments. This means that you speak freely about the topics, but not about the other subscribers.
  2. All posts must be about Waldorf education or its foundation, Anthroposophy. Do not post non-Waldorf jokes, heart-rending appeals about the Taliban, etc.

Violation of either of these rules will result in immediate suspension of subscription privileges for a week, and repeat offenders may be permanently banned.

Anyone, subscribed or not, can read the list on the web at Yahoo, or later in the archives on the PLANS web site. The postings and archives are public information but copyright remains with the writers. By submitting a message to the list, you agree to allow the inclusion of that message in the list archives at Yahoogroups.com and waldorfcritics.org, and the quoting of that message in other messages to the list. We assume that by posting on a public list you want your ideas disseminated, and we do not object to the quoting of this list elsewhere.
Portions of copyrighted materials may be quoted for critical and educational purposes. Our fair use guidelines are:

  1. Less than 500 words quoted.
  2. Full bibliographic information or URL for the source.
  3. Editing clearly indicated by …, <snip>, or ***. Editorial additions set in square brackets [thus].
  4. A significant amount of commentary added.

Minors are welcome to subscribe, but PLANS requires parental permission if you are under 18. Write to secretary@waldorfcritics.org. We suggest that a parent also subscribe to monitor the activity.

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If we aren’t discussing what you’re interested in, start a new thread.

-Dan Dugan, Secretary, PLANS, Inc.

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