Exposure to Waldorf education has united people who disagree strongly on almost everything else, like Christians and Secular Humanists! We have come together in agreement that Anthroposophy is a cult-like religious sect, that Waldorf is irremediably entangled with Anthroposophy, and that it has no place in public education in the U.S. If your organization – wherever you are – has concerns about Waldorf Education, let us know.

Other sites about Waldorf Education

The Waldorf Review – Blogspot

The Waldorf Review – Facebook

Norwegian Waldorf / Steiner critics
We have created this site in order to share our experiences as teachers and parents at the Norwegian Waldorf/Steiner school. Having a good ten years of experience with the movement we feel obliged to pass on what we have learned. In Norwegian and some English.

A huge collection of articles and discussion forums hosted by Waldorf parent John Holland.

Denne gruppe er oprindeligt inspireret af den engelsksprogede “Waldorf-Criticsgroup” og er primÊrt for skandinavisk-sprogede “Steinerkritikere”. (in Danish)

Waldorf Watch
A deep and valuable collection of essays, with references, by eleven-year Waldorf student Roger Rawlings.

Waldorf Education-One Family’s Story
My motive in telling this story is not to discredit the school. It is simply that I and my daughter have a need to be heard. I also feel I have an obligation to inform prospective Waldorf parents of what can happen.

Waldorf graduate Zooey Stockholm’s blog about Waldorf. In Swedish and English.

Independent sites about Anthroposophy (in Danish)

UK Anthroposophy: a blog presenting research, news and opinion about the UK Anthroposophy movement and the beliefs of its founder, Rudolf Steiner.

Wikipedia has continuously-evolving articles about Waldorf Education, Anthroposophy and Steiner

Skeptical and Anti-Cult Organizations

Provide support for resisting high-demand groups and holding back the tide of irrationality.

Aktion Kinder des Holocaust

Cult Counselling Australia
A response to the numerous inquiries received at Cult Counselling Australia. Whether your enquiry relates to a concern about a loved one, or whether you are interested in further information about the cult scene, this website is designed to assist you.

The International Cultic Studies Association (formerly The American Family Foundation)

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

The Council for Secular Humanism

The Cult Awareness Network (CAN): CAN closed its doors in June of 1996 after only one of 51 lawsuits filed by associates of Scientology was successful. BEWARE: The name “Cult Awareness Network” was purchased by lawyers associated with Scientology. Cult Awareness Network is now a Scientology front organization.

The James Randi Educational Foundation: an educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific and the supernatural.

The National Center for Science Education fights the encroachment of religious world-views on the teaching of Evolution. Anthroposophy has its own religious theory of evolution.

The National Council Against Health Fraud fights medical quackery. Anthroposophy has its own quack medical system.

Quackwatch, Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions: Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Rick Ross, expert consultant and intervention specialist.

The Foundation for Information on the Social Consequences of Occult Movements
[Stichting Informatie over Maatschappelijke Problemen rond Occulte Stromingen] (SIMPOS)

Christian Anti-Cult Organizations

Long before PLANS, Evangelical Christians were warning the public that Waldorf education concealed a religious world-view.

Pacific Justice Institute

The Spiritual Counterfeits Project

Anthroposophical Sites Attempting to Rebut PLANS

These sites are evidence that the informational campaign of PLANS is successful. Supporters of Waldorf education have been moved to put up these sites, in the names of fake organizations, raving about us. Sometimes the frothing at the mouth is so incoherent that it does more harm to them than to us!

The Bee: The home Page of Sune Nordwall has a section about Waldorf. On a page linked from there, he compares PLANS to the hate group! See here.

Waldorf Answers by Robert Mays and Sune Nordwall contributes to the Waldorf tradition of deceptive advertising. One page is useful: a list of public Waldorf schools here.

Americans for Waldorf Education Never mind that one of the founders is in Sweden, Nordwall again. They have a whole page of personal attacks on PLANS co-founder Dan Dugan here, and there’s an even longer, wildly inaccurate page attacking historian Peter Staudenmaier here. Dugan and Staudenmaier must be doing something right. The site does contain an excellent Waldorf links page.

A list of links to messages in which Peter Staudenmaier responds to specific points made on these web sites can be found here.

Selected Waldorf and Anthroposophy Links

Personal Anthroposophist Pages

The following links are to the personal pages of Anthroposophists who offer varied and interesting perspectives on Waldorf and/or Steiner and Anthroposophy. Many of the following people have been contributors to the waldorf-critics discussions over the years.

“Work On What Has Been Spoiled” by Catherine MacCoun

Outlaw Anthroposophy by Joel Wendt


Joel Wendt’s home page

Steiner’s (formerly) Secret First Class Verses as revealed by Constance McQuoid

“Goethean Science: Bringing Chaos to Order by Looking Phenomena Right in the I” by Tom Mellett (also founder of the Steiner98 discussion board)

The Planetary Qualities Chart and Treatise by Bibi van Bussel, wherein you will see that Steiner’s racism is alive and well.

Millennial Child by Eugene Schwartz.
Eugene is one of the few (only?) major Waldorf educators who agree with us that Waldorf schools must be more honest to prospective parents about Waldorf’s occult religious framework and curriculum. Be sure to also read the transcription of Eugene’s debate with Dan Dugan: Waldorf Education–For Our Times Or Against Them?

Waldorf And Anthroposophy Discussion Group Archives

The following links are to some of the major public Anthroposophy and Waldorf discussion lists. Some requiring joining to contribute posts, but their archives are open to public review.

Anthroposophy discussion list public archives at Yahoo! Groups. Largest english-speaking discussion list about Steiner and Anthroposophy.

Anthroposophy Tomorrow discussion list. Favorite site for sniping at PLANS.

Steiner discussion list public archives at Yahoo! Groups. Study Text: “The Gospel of St.John” by Rudolf Steiner.

Steiner98 Defunct Anthroposophy discussion group. Provided an “aternative” view of Anthroposophy. A crude, no-holds-barred slug-fest around a virtual swimming pool…enter at your own risk.

Waldorf And Anthroposophy Organization Sites

Sunbridge Waldorf Teacher’s Program. Sunbridge is located in Chestnut Ridge/Spring Valley, New York, in a cloister of Waldorf and Anthroposophist organizations including Green Meadow Waldorf School, the Threefold Educational Foundation, and the Fellowship Community. The area is swarming with Anthroposophists.

The Online Waldorf Library. A project of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. “This site has been created to provide useful information to English speaking Waldorf teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and anyone interested in Waldorf education. Our aim is to make visible all the appropriate resources on Waldorf education that are currently available and to provide information about where these resources can be purchased or obtained.”

Rudolf Steiner Archive. If you want to research many of Steiner’s lectures (and some books), you can search them here using keywords. Lots of info on Steiner’s occult and Christian philosophy.

The Goetheanum. This is the “mother ship” of Anthroposophy, where the “school of spiritual science” resides, along with the ruling “Vorstand” of the Anthroposophical Society.

AnthroWiki. A community-authored collection of articles and information about Anthroposophy.