Personal Stories

Personal Stories of Former Waldorf Parents, Students, Teachers, Administrators

September 4, 2011Blog: Schooling At Rudolf Steiner Christchurch What is up with the schooling at Rudolf Steiner in Christchurch?
March 1, 2010A victim of teacher bullying at Waldorf by Sarah. “I could have been helped, but instead I was bullied.”
August 27, 2008Waldorf har en dold andlig agenda (in Swedish) by Hasse Boström. Alicia – själv tidigare Waldorfelev – tillhör ett internationellt nätverk som granskar antroposofin. Dagen, 1 September 2008 (external link).
July 6, 2008A Very Alternative Education by Northernrefugee. One mother’s discovery of the good, the bad, and the ugly at one of the world’s leading Waldorf schools.
June 9, 2008An Open Letter to Highland Hall by Pete Karaiskos. An example of how people who believe they are on a Mission from God can abuse someone who suggests cleaning their own house first.
March 31, 2008Selections from the Green Parent Forum. Bullying, rigidity, control-freakery, you name it.
June 7, 2007Testimonial of a Former Waldorf Parent. By Anonymous #4.
February 1, 2007UNENLIGHTENED: The Inside Story of an Occult Education by Roger Rawlings (external link).
November 15, 2005A Safe Healthy Haven? by beansavi on A very courageous mother who has been able to maintain a thread on (Thread)
July 15, 2004Disillusioned ex-Waldorf parent: posting to the waldorf-critics list by Margaret Sachs.
March 4, 2004Testimonial: Sent to the PLANS webmaster.
December 21, 2001Anonymous Testimonial From Waldorf Parent. By Anonymous #1.
December 21, 2001Anonymous Testimonial From Waldorf Parent. By Anonymous #3.
December 19, 2001Parent Testimonial in waldorf-critics Post. By Kathy H.
April 2, 2000Anonymous Testimonial From Waldorf Parent. By Anonymous #2.
January 31, 2000Thanks PLANS! Email From Sharon Lombard. By Sharon Lombard.
January 12, 2000Woman Sees Waldorf Racism On First Visit. By Anonymous.
September 11, 1999Waldorf Student Testimonial – Rosie. By Rosie.
1999The phlegmatic sits by the window…: Experiences with actual Waldorf teaching. Miss Claudia Pangh, published by Reinhard Karst, 1999.
December 4, 1998A Note Of Thanks. By [name withheld by request].
February 4, 1998My Education Towards Racism. By Edwin Kreulen.
October 8, 1997“We don’t need no Steiner education.” Pink Floyd leader David Gilmour speaks his mind about his children’s Waldorf experience. An article by Cassandra Jardine, Education section, The Daily Telegraph, 10-08-1997, pp 22.
April 1996Warten auf die Reinkarnation von Jesus und Steiner in einer Person. MIZ interview with Norbert Biermann, April 1996. In German followed by a rough machine translation.
Fall 1991Weird Science At Steiner School. Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 16 (Fall 1991), page 23. Dan Dugan’s personal story.