A Note Of Thanks

From: [name withheld by request]
To: “‘snell@netshel.net'”
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 21:37:45 +0100


When I was twenty I worked one year in East Sussex in an school for disabled children organised by the Camphill Movement. My father, who is a convinced of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas persuaded me to go there. It was my most horrible time in my life. I got depressed because at that age I was looking for myself and tried to find something in Steiners books. Ideas who gives you at the same time a feeling of superiority and deception. It took me a long time to overcome the weared world of Rudolf Steiner because my father could not understand me when I came back. We had a lot of arguments and my mother, who is a rather liberal person, was always in-between. Ten years later this is a old story and in our familiy we do also a lot of jokes about anthroposophs. We live near the Goetheanum which is the Rome of these guys. My father had to understand that I and my two brothers don’t take this ideology seriously anymore. We became some sort of convinced materialists purely Ahriman-orientated and do what we want and killed the Guru Steiner in our brains. I think PLANS does a good and necessary work. We haven’t to get rid of Steiner schools. We live in a open and pluralistic society but we have to address our critics to them and inform people which are not aware of their hidden agenda. Go on!

Best regards

[name withheld by request]