PLANS Mission Statement

People for Legal and Nonsectarian Schools will:

  1. Provide parents, teachers, and school boards with views of Waldorf education from outside the cult of Rudolf Steiner.
  2. Expose the illegality of public funding for Waldorf school programs in the US.
  3. Litigate against schools violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment in the US.

Families join Waldorf schools for a variety of reasons – always in a spirit of goodwill and trust. Obviously, parents want the best for their children and the concept of arts-based learning in a community of like-minded families and teachers is appealing. It is our experience, however, that there is much more to Waldorf communities than that which is promoted by the Waldorf movement. Thus we see many parents, after a period of time feeling disillusioned and upset, pulling their children from Waldorf schools. By sharing our experience, knowledge, and concerns, our wish is to help people understand the hidden mission of Waldorf Education.

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