Waldorf in General, Description & Critique

Here’s the Answer to the Question: What’s Waldorf?
A web article by former Waldorf pupil Roger Rawlings. “Here’s a stab at such an answer, given mainly in Rudolf Steiner’s own words.”
Free Schools(5b) – Steiner’s ‘Study of Man’, a blueprint for Anthroposophical education
June 2013My Life Among the Anthroposophists by Grégoire Perra
Grégoire Perra got close to the center of the Waldorf/Anthroposophical world. Now, unlike virtually any other former Waldorf insider, he has told the truth about the strange world he inhabited in those days. He has published an excellent memoir of his years as a Waldorf student and, later, teacher. The original is available, in French, as his blog: “Ma vie chez les anthroposophes”. Perra encountered Waldorf education and Anthroposophy in France, which might lead us to suppose that his experiences are unique to that country. But Waldorf schools — also called Steiner or Steiner-Waldorf schools — are much the same everywhere. And Anthroposophy is an essentially unchanging body of mystical belief. In three parts, translated by Roger Rawlings. External Link.
September 10, 2012Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, and Waldorf Schools
An article in The Skeptic’s Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll, last updated August 1, 2009
May 8, 2012Can the Steiner Waldorf schools movement break out of its niche by engaging with its critics? by Daisy Jane Powell
April 17, 2012Sex Abuse Cases: Waldorf School Suspends Teacher (from the waldorf-critics list)
Here is the translation of the article in the Berlin Tagesspiegel [Daily Mirror] of the Swedish teacher at the Berlin Waldorf school accused of sex trafficking and sex abuse.
February 27, 2012Frome Steiner Academy: Absurd Educational Quackery: Government funding of occult schools presents real risks to children’s education and health
by Andy Lewis, Quackometer blog: “Steiner schools (sometimes called Waldorf Schools) are not open about the true nature of their origins, beliefs and methods. The new web page of the Frome Steiner Academy gives the impression that they follow a progressive approach to teaching that uniquely follows a child’s personal development. That all sounds wonderful. What they do not say is that this approach is based on occult thinking, astrology, clairvoyance and esoteric cult-like beliefs.”
2011L’endoctrinement à l’Anthroposophie dans les écoles Steiner-Waldorf
October 6, 2010The true nature of Steiner (Waldorf) education. Mystical barmpottery at taxpayers’ expense. Part 1
Many comments.
June 29, 2010Waldorf Education” by Michael Ruse.
“Without being entirely cynical, so long as a philosophy does not do positive harm (and I am to be frank still not sure about Steiner and early reading) what really counts is that teachers are inspired.” Ruse is wrong about Waldorf under the Nazis–they disagreed about it, and the schools lasted six years under the regime. The Chronicle of Higher Education.
May, 2009Steiner schools should acknowledge their lack of knowledge
Ramon De Jonghe (in Belgium) is familiar with Rudolf Steiners anthroposophy. Since 1993 he has been reading a lot of Steiner, purely out of interest. He worked as an educator in a Steiner school, was in the board of directors of that school, worked as a volunteer in the library of the Rudolf Steiner Academie, studied at an anthroposophical college, and 3 of his 4 children went to two different Steiner schools. One can say that when he comes to speak of Steiner schools and anthroposophy, it is out of his own experience as an insider.
February 5, 2009Race, lies, and stereotypes in Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy
“The pseudo religion/science which lies at the heart of Steiner education (and also biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine, and cosmetics – Weleda and Dr. Hauschka) is the guiding force within these classrooms, and yet in the schools the word is barely heard, let alone explained.” Internet Archive of Counterknowledge
2009How I Trumped Rudolf Steiner and Overcame the Tribulations of Illiteracy, One Snickers Bar at a Time
by Sufjan Stevens. “The school did everything to blur all lines between fact and imagination, between art and science, between math and English, between student and teacher.”
November, 2008Clues: Piercing the Waldorf Facade by former Waldorf pupil Roger Rawlings.
How can you tell what a Waldorf school is up to? There are Waldorfs and Waldorfs. Very few of the schools will openly acknowledge that they are devoted to occultism. This denial may be true at some of the schools; in other cases, it is surely not true. So how can you tell whether unspoken occult beliefs are present in any particular Waldorf?”
July, 2008A Pedagogy for Aryans by Peter Bierl.
Small classes, no mad scramble for high marks, and a motivated teaching-staff—Waldorf schools have earned a good reputation for their feigned ability to benefit students on an individual level. Still, to this day, these disguised religious schools pursue the idea of the anti-modern.
September, 2007Pädagogik der runden Ecken (English Summary)
Kleine Klassen, kein Notendruck und eine motivierte Lehrerschaft – Waldorfschulen stehen in dem Ruf, Schüler individuell fördern zu können. Doch die verkappten Religionsschulen verfolgen bis heute die Idee der Antimoderne. Von Peter Bierl.
May 15, 2007Advice for Parents
by former Waldorf pupil Roger Rawlings
December 5, 2006Warm and Woolley? An anthroposophical experiment
By Kristín A. Sandberg and Trond K. O. Kristoffersen.
2005Unenlightened: The Inside Story of an Occult Education
By Roger Rawlings
Current on the WebI Went to Waldorf
By Roger Rawlings
May, 2004What’s Waldorf?
“The alternative school’s holistic, arts-based philosophy seemed like a perfect fit for my kids. Then I started learning about the eccentric mystical beliefs of its founder.” By Meagan Francis, in Salon
2003Spotlight on Anthroposophy
By Sharon Lombard, published by Cultic Studies Review, Volume 2, Number 2, reproduced by permission
December 21, 2001Question: Who Was Rudolf Steiner? Answer: Who Is Asking?
By Steve Walden
December 21, 2001The Role of Gnomes In Waldorf Kindergarten
By Diana Winters
June 20, 2001 The Spirit of Waldorf Education
written by David Ruenzel, Education Week
September 1, 2000 Mein Konflikt mit meiner Anthroposophischen Erziehung
A German article by Christoph Keller
October 1999Letter To Editor by Kathleen Sutphen re Todd Oppenheimer’s Atlantic Monthly article “Schooling the Imagination (Atlantic 9/99)
February 8, 1999A Parent’s List Of Questions And Concerns
By Steve Premo via post to waldorf-critics discussion list.
November 21, 1998An Interview With PLANS President
by college student Jeff Horseman.
Fall 1998Partial Vision in Alternative Education
by Ron Miller, Renewal: Fall 1998, Vol. 7 No. 2, p. 20.
1994RUDOLF STEINER (1861-1925) by Heiner Ullrich.
An early essay about Steiner’s life and work that later (2007) grew into one of the best biographies of Steiner to come from a scholar outside the cult. UNESCO publication.
April 3, 1990Survey of San Francisco Waldorf School Parents: Report. by Dan Dugan