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CurrentCURRICULUM of the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training
May 27, 2010Guidelines for Child Study — Working with Angels, Beings and Children (Alicia Hamberg comments) “Initially I thought it was a parody. To my astonishment, it was not. No, these excerpts are actually from a genuine work — by no other than Steiner Waldorf School Fellowship advisor Kevin Avison. These are guidelines for dealing with real children in real schools. It is what the SWSF chooses to present in a handbook — the Handbook for Waldorf Class Teachers.” Quote: “Keep a glowing personal profile about each child, but never allow anyone access to lesson notes or records, because as an inspired educator, these are unnecessary for you (anything indicating what the class might have learnt or covered in Morning Lesson should be ‘lost’ before you leave the school).” [Link to Alicia’s blog, there are comments.]
October 8, 2008University of Stockholm dumps Waldorf teacher training program: not up to standards of higher education. By Alicia Hamberg. A survey of the controversy, quoting sources on both sides.
August 26, 2008Stockholm University ends Steiner teacher training. Stockholm University has decided to wind up its Steiner-Waldorf teacher training. Steiner science literature is ‘too much myth and too little fact’, the university’s teacher education committee has ruled. The Local: Sweden’s News in English
August 24, 2005Anti-social and Alienating Behavior. A Waldorf teacher gives some background that helps in understanding the behavior of Waldorf teachers. Posted to the waldorf-critics discussion list by Baandje.
July 3, 2005Karma and Reincarnation for Teachers: Caring for Relationships. by Dr. Robin Bacchus, Teachers Preparatory Course Coordinator, Taruna College, New Zealand.
1993-1994Waldorf Teacher Training Reading List, First Year: Rudolf Steiner College 1993-94.
1993-1994Waldorf Teacher Training Requirements, Second Year: Rudolf Steiner College 1993-94.