Waldorf Teacher Training Requirements: Second Year

This text was given to applicants for the Waldorf teacher training program at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, 1993-1994. It is evidence for my allegation that the Waldorf “teacher training” programs are actually seminary programs for the Anthroposophical ministry.

Note that since some schools require a Waldorf teaching certificate, this could be viewed as a religious test for employment. Note that a letter of recommendation is required, not from a professor or master teacher, but from “a senior person in the anthroposophical community”!

-Dan Dugan

For students who have not completed the Foundation Year program at Rudolf Steiner College or another comparable study center, in addition to the procedures listed on the Teacher Training application form, the following are also required:

1. A statement from yourself concerning your relationship to Anthroposophy.

2. A letter of recommendation from a senior person in the anthroposophical community who knows you well and could comment on you in the light of your relationship to Anthroposophy.

3. A paper giving an overview of the knowledge you have gained from a study of the following books by Rudolf Steiner:

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment
Occult Science
Philosophy of Freedom (Philosophy of Spiritual Activity)
Christianity as Mystical Fact

4. Evidence of some work in Eurythmy in the form of a letter describing the extent and quality of what you have done and with whom.

5. Letters describing the extent and quality of your past work in painting, music or other artistic fields. It is of particular interest if this artistic work has been based on anthroposophical thought.

6. A statement outlining your experiences participating in celebration of seasonal festivals and your study of the spiritual foundation of those festivals.